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I am always open to communication. My definition of communication is always two-way.  If you are not willing to dialog… Then shut the hell up and go the fuck away.  in the words of the great Bill Nye the Science Guy, “Show me enough evidence and I will change my mind.”

Now to it……

And Now to Eden.

Yeah Brother… (A line from a song in one of the episodes of the original Star Trek series.)

I thought that this would be an apt title for the Chronicle of my Retirement.  While I do fully know and understand that this is not a tip-toe into paradise, and it will not likely be very easy.  I am looking forward to the change.  I am looking forward to a new life.  Let’s face it, I have made such a mess out of this one that there is truly very little left for me here.  My wife, who has become a part of me, and I are ready to start out on an adventure.  So, in short, after thirty plus years working for the National Institutes of Health I am retiring.

This will be the chronicle of my movement into this brave new world.  I do face the fact that I am a creature of habit and duty.  All my old habits will be broken. My duty will be to myself, my wife and my community in that order.  I will no longer receive direction for my day-to-day existence from an employer.  No longer will my self-worth be gauged by those with their own agendas and visions for their futures.  I will chronicle more about this in the future.  Suffice it to say, there is very little left for me there either.

I do not want to go into my life’s story, I would merely like to include some of the elements that brought me to this decision.  The meat of the story is going to be about the journey.